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Vinyl Flex is a 13oz Heavy duty material ideal for billboards and banners. Full color from 150 dpi to 300dpi and can be used indoor and outdoor. Any size and length is available and will last for years!

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Mesh banners are easily suited for enormous images. The Mesh Banner Material is with small holes that allow the wind to dissipate, in effect allowing wind to dissolve thru the banner material.

The wind dispersion means that your mesh banner sign can be used outdoor in all kinds of weather

Signs & Banners

Backlit banners give emphasis to the power of light. They are made of lightweight materials and are easy to remove.

Backlit banner printing is good for creating striking graphic displays in backlit boxes. The backlit banners are weather-proof and very durable.

This is due to the polyester material used in printing. It is also suitable for different kinds of solvent inks.

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Billboard and Banner Standards:
Banners Our Billboard vinyl sign printing is so good we use the products we resell on our own Texas Billboard Company. Our Billboard vinyl sign printing staff is knowledgeable in weather conditions and the reaction of vinyl while installed to those conditions. With our billboard vinyl sign printing we can offer a variety of Vinyl Flex faces. We can offer advice on any installation or if your within 5 hours of 75460 zipcode we can install it for you at a very fair market price.

Billboards We print our billboards and banners on 130z vinyl flex.

Large format Our Billboards and banners are printed at High Resolution at 150dpi for billboards and 300dpi for banners providing more ink coverage per inch, resulting in a clearer, crisper printing product.

PrintMost large format vinyl sign printers print at the same output but at different speeds, we do it right. We expect only the best on our billboards in Texas and believe you should have the best to.

Backlit Our billboards and banner use High Quality UV Ink and Glossy Vinyl to resist fading and results in more vibrant colors when printing.

Trivision Quick Turnaround Time on our billboards and banners, so you can start making money on your billboard faster.

Mesh We know what Installers want with billboard installation, we have customized finishing that allows for easier and quicker installation.

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